About us

Micoda Process System International LLC (MPSI) was established in 2006 to provide the international oil & gas producers, and service & drilling companies alike, quality state of the art oilfield and process equipment.

Micoda Process System International is a 100% UAE company and strives to provide it's customers with quality products, backed with values added service and support helping our clients meet their goals.

Our commitment to In-house quality control and quality assurance programs is our core foundation in ensuring customer satisfaction.

These programs and the dedication of our staff have helped us meet the stringent regulations, likes of ASME, ABS, and DNV.

Micoda aims to be a world class "one stop" fabrication company, offering value added products and services while exceeding all accredited certifications and standards.

Other details

Site & location

Micoda is located in the industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD)1, UAE with nearly 12,000m2 of yard area and 500 ft. of crane way. Micoda has the means to endertake projects of all sizes.

Working Areas

Our workshop has a floor area of 3,600m2 and offices of 700m2, while our warehouse has an area of 500m2 while the uncovered stock yard has 6,500m2.


Our workshop facility comprise of 2 x 10T Demag cranes, a 5T forklift truck, a wide number of welding machines and portable equipments.
We also have an in-house PWHT and 15,000 Psi hydro-test bay.


Authorized by American Society of Mechanical Engineers ( ASME )
  • to manufacture pressure vessels up to 3,000 PSI ( U-Stamp )
  • to manufacture pressure vessels up to 10,000 PSI ( U2-Stamp )
  • to manufacture Power Boilers ( S-Stamp )

  • Authorized by National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessels Inspectors (NBBI)
  • to do metallic repairs and/or alteration ( R-Stamp )